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Course 03:

Evolution of 
Modern Perfume

Course 03: Evolution of Modern Perfume is designed to help  complete and perfect your perfume knowledge by providing an overall perspective on how and why the perfume industry evolved. ​


Through four hours of live instruction, you will discover the greatest classics of modern perfumery:  smell, describe and hear the fascinating stories of the key perfumes from the 19th -21st centuries.  This is a smelling based course;  you will receive an Olfactorium with 24 fine fragrances to use as your mini 'perfumer's palette' during the course.

What's included in this course?

  • Two live, online sessions with hands-on instruction from Kathryn and Tami

  • Olfactorium smelling kit: a mini perfumer’s palette of 24 fragrance vials shipped directly from Paris (included in registration fee)

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Pricing and Timing

The price of this course is $830.00  

We offer Evolution of Modern Perfumery three times a year: Summer,  Fall, and Winter. 


We are currently accepting registration for Summer 2024. For more information on availability /upcoming series, please contact us via email.


Please note:


Registration deadlines for smelling based modules are applicable to those who wish to purchase single sessions. You must register by the corresponding deadline to allow for time for the Olfactorium to be shipped from Paris. If you register after the deadline, there will be an expedited shipping fee for the Olfactorium.

Additionally, we require a minimum of four participants for a session to proceed as scheduled below. If there are too many conflicts with a particular date,  or we otherwise do not have at least four participants, the session will be rescheduled. In this instance, we will contact each participant via email. 

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