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Trying on Perfume

Course 02:

Advanced Olfaction Program

This course is designed for perfume professionals and enthusiasts who have completed Course 01, and are ready to further advance their olfactive knowledge, olfactive memory and understanding of how the materials all work together.  


Through 18 hours of live, personalized instruction from Kathryn and Tami, you'll receive an intensive deep dive through the 17 fragrance facets that make up a perfume: from raw materials to iconic fine fragrances. This is an advanced smelling course, and students will engage in many practical smelling exercises. We smell and study together for 9 weeks, two hours per session over Zoom.

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About the Advanced Olfaction Program

Who is it for? 

Perfume industry professionals that are new to fragrance and need a high level of olfactive skills, fragrance development professionals, brand and marketing managers, B to B sales teams, scientists, product/project managers and, of course, perfume enthusiasts. 


  • Improve olfaction skills

  • Master fragrance classifications and ability to identify ingredients

  • Fine tune fragrance communication skills 


  • Deep dive into fragrance facets: Citrus, Aromatic, Marine, Green, Aldehyde, Floral, Fruity, Powdery, Woody, Spicy, Gourmand, Leathery, Fougere, Oriental/Amber, Chypre, Musk

  • Memorize key raw materials in each facet

  • Explore and smell iconic fragrances as illustrations of each facet

  • Intense smelling exercises to help identify and differentiate important notes in each facet

Note: We DO offer private sessions for brands, and can customize to include your brand’s products for an additional layer of training expertise. 

Pricing and Timing

The price of this course is $5415.00.  This is a comprehensive price that includes: 

  • Registration for 18 hours of live instruction

  • 4 Olfactoriums containing ~200 perfumery ingredients and fine fragrances

  • Custom course workbook

(Please note, Olfactoriums can be shared by people who will be in the same room together, but otherwise everyone must have their own.)

At this time we are accepting registrations for our Advanced Olfactive Program starting in November 2023.  However, we offer the Advanced Olfaction Program two times a year, so stay tuned for future offerings. 


Class Size:  minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 participants


This course takes place over a series of nine, two-hour sessions.  We will soon be announcing dates for 2023. For any questions, please contact us via email.


As all of the sessions listed below are smelling based, you must register by the indicated deadline to participate in this course. This deadline is set to allow for time for the Olfactoriums to be shipped from Paris. Late registration MAY be possible, but there will be an expedited shipping fee for the Olfactoriums. 

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