The Advanced Olfaction Program

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An intensive deep dive through the 17 fragrance facets that make up a perfume: from raw materials to iconic fine fragrances.


The course is taught by industry experts, with practice exercises and smelling throughout.

Virtual Journeys 1 - 5, or in-person Techniques & Language of Modern Perfumery

Professionals in the world of fragrance creation and perfumery brands that want to advance their olfactive knowledge, olfactive memory and understanding of how the materials all work together: perfume industry professionals that are new to fragrance and need a high level of olfactive skills, fragrance development professionals, brand and marketing managers, B to B sales teams, scientists, product/project managers and of course perfume enthusiasts.

  • Improve olfaction skills

  • Master fragrance classifications

  • Fine tune fragrance communication skills


  • Deep dive into fragrance facets: Citrus, Aromatic, Marine, Green, Aldehyde, Floral, Fruity, Powdery, Woody, Spicy, Gourmand, Leathery, Fougere, Oriental/Amber, Chypre, Musk

  • Memorize key raw materials in each facet

  • Explore and smell iconic fragrances as illustrations of each facet

  • Intense smelling exercises to help identify and differentiate important notes in each Facet


  • 4 Olfactoriums (~200 ingredients/market samples)

  • 1 Workbook

$3600 per person - open registration courses with a set calendar schedule


$155 per person for workbook - each person must have their own


$1400 for one complete Olfactorium set  (Olfactoriums can be shared for people who will be in the same room together, but otherwise everyone must have their own)


++  if customized to add your brand's fragrances or products


To allow for the shipping of the 4 Olfactoriums from Paris, and the workbooks,

registration must be completed by September 20th. 

Minimum 4 people, and maximum 10 students


Pricing for both private courses and dedicated corporate sessions upon request.  These can be scheduled according to your timings.

All sessions are from 12:00 Noon - 2:00pm Eastern Time.


   Monday, November 15
  Tuesday, November 30
  Thursday, December 9
  Monday, December 13
  Thursday, January 13
  Thursday, January 20
  Thursday, January 27
  Thursday, February 3
  Thursday, February 10