Serendipitee NYC has partnered with Cinquième Sens, world renowned perfumery training institute headquartered in Paris. We teach professionals the intricate language and notes of perfumery to help in the creative process and in promoting fragrances in the marketplace.

We offer 4 Fragrance Training Programs

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A Virtual Discovery of the World of Perfume

Introducing the new virtual curriculum taught by Tami Katz and Kathryn Balcerski — fragrance experts, industry veterans, and principals at Serendipitee NYC. Serendipitee NYC is the US licensee of Cinquième Sens, the acclaimed global professional institute fully dedicated to olfactive education since 1976. Serendipitee NYC partners with The Fragrance Foundation in support of a shared vision to provide Fragrance Education.


All modules are for anyone who touches the world of perfume – fine fragrance, beauty & personal care, candles, or home care. The training content is objective and has been customized for the US market.  Participants can take one or all of the modules; there are no prerequisites. Whether you are new to the industry, a seasoned industry executive or you just have a passion for perfume, these courses are for you.


Courses are taught using the Zoom platform (or other web platforms by special arrangement).

Please contact us for corporate virtual group sessions, private virtual sessions, or our in-person fragrance trainings. (We will comply with your corporate Covid-19 health and safety guidelines). or

Discovery Journey 1: Introduction

September 15:

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm REGISTER HERE →

September 16:

10:00 am – 11:00 am REGISTER HERE →

Cost: $75.00

Designed for anyone new to the industry working for brands, fragrance houses or retailers; and for perfume enthusiasts.

  • Discover olfactive developments through the ages.

  • How did the olfactive landscape change over time? 

  •  Learn about the sense of smell: physiology, characteristics and curiosities

  • Understand the importance of emotion and memory in smelling

Discovery Journey 2:  Perfumers and Their Palette

September 22:

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm REGISTER HERE→

September 23:

10:00 am – 11:00 am REGISTER HERE→


Cost:  $75.00

Designed for anyone involved in developing or selling perfumes: brands, fragrance houses, trainers, retail selling professionals.


  •  Naturals: where do they come from and how are they processed?

  • Synthetic ingredients: why are they important in modern perfumery?

  • Fragrance ingredient regulations and sustainability considerations

Discovery Journey 3: The Fragrance Development Process

October 5:

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm  REGISTER HERE →

October 6:

10:00 am – 11:00 am REGISTER HERE →


Cost:  $75.00

Designed for anyone involved in the creation and development of any fragranced product (perfume, beauty care, home fragrance, etc):  fragrance/brand development, technical departments, and anyone at a fragrance house (evaluation, marketing, technical, sales).

Follows the development process from fragrance brief to final juice.

  • How a brand constructs a fragrance brief for a new fragrance creation

  • How to work with fragrance houses and perfumers for the optimal outcome

  • How to evaluate fragrance creations to select the best one for your project


Discovery Journey 4: Perfumery, Perfume Facets, Smelling and Language

Course taught over two sessions:

October 13:

9:30 am – 10:45 am AND October 20:

9:30 am – 10:45 am       




Session Cost: $225

Olfactorium fragrance kit: $300 

Designed for anyone involved in the creation and development or selling of perfumes: Brands, Fragrance Houses, Retail Selling Professionals.

  • This is a smelling based module; the Olfactorium smelling kit, a compact, portable mini perfumer’s palette of 48 fragrance vials, is required to take the course. (You will pay for the Olfactorium kit upon course registration).  

  • Understand how to smell and how to talk about fragrances

  • Introduction to the 17 perfumery facets and how to communicate what you are smelling

  • The same Olfactorium will be used for our upcoming continuous education ‘smelling workshop’ on October 15th (see Discovery Journey 5 below). 

Must register by September 25, 2020 to allow shipping time to receive your Olfactorium directly to your address.

Discovery Journey 5:  The Smelling Workshop

November 10:

9:30 am – 11:00 am


Session Cost: $115    



Olfactorium fragrance kit:  $300*


  • A deeper dive into smelling – further build your smelling skills and ability to speak the language of perfumery through this interactive smelling class led by experts

  • Includes many smelling exercises to sharpen your skills and vocabulary

  • This is a smelling based workshop:  the Olfactorium kit used in Journey 4 will be required to take this class


Olfactorium kit must be purchased if you don’t already have it from Journey 4. 

Must register by October 20, 2020 to allow shipping time to receive your Olfactorium directly to your address.